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Lahav Group is an award-winning boutique company with a truly personal approach to contracting. Since 1999, we have helped people throughout the L.A., California area and suburbs to achieve magnificent building designs, renovations and both interior and exterior construction from the ground up.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship, finest materials, and outstanding service to our customers.

Lahav Group is a family owned and operated remodeling and general contracting firm. We are small enough to care, yet large enough to service the needs of both residential and commercial companies with ease.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Our contractors go through the most difficult training processes available to ensure that our team remains on the cutting edge of modern building strategies. We hold B, C – 10 Licenses, which means we are capable as both general contractor and electrical subcontractor. We are proud to have some of the best contractors in LA. Our talented team enables us to provide superior quality, service, and problem solving capabilities, project management, and warranty protection. When you choose Lahav Group as your contractor, you can eliminate the risks associated with other design companies.  

We always strive for complete satisfaction, therefore we provide you with a full array of professional services to ensure that every project meets – or exceeds – your vision. That’s why we’re always working; revisiting every place to inspect and make sure that our work is done properly.

We are sticklers for detail and passionate about perfection.

Customer satisfaction is the way in which we measure our success. We truly understand that our excellence must be gauged by our customer’s expectations. Therefore, we pride ourselves in customer service and strive for excellence in building customer relationships through determined leadership qualities and unsurpassed work ethic.

Lahav Group works with health clubs and hotels in the Los Angeles area and has also become an industry leader in remodeling services. Our team of technicians and construction personnel operate year-round providing professional workmanship and craftsmanship. One of our main areas of specialties lies in the public sector, including government projects. We know how to handle these meticulous assignments and have been a valuable team to our customers. 

Another area of expertise is as a general contractor or subcontractor of Los Angeles electrical services. We are familiar with the behavior, paperwork, large jobs, and complex assignments and provide clean, smart work ethics. Our electricians enjoy teaming up with some of the LA area’s best contractors to complete complicated electrical installations and upgrades, and we do so by adhering to the schedule and high quality required.

Whether Lahav Group is attending to a minor service call or performing a major renovation, we strive to ensure every facet of the job process is carried out with personalized, professional and attentive service. We look forward to meeting you and carrying out your project with integrity, skill, craftsmanship, high quality materials and personable service. In essence, it is what we are all about

Our company founders take pride in giving you the personalized attention you deserve.
In fact, you can call one of them directly to talk about your next project:

Ofir Lahav       (310) 435-3232

Yehuda Lahav (310) 357-9890