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Structural Work & Demolition

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Start fresh from the ground up to build a dynamic new building

Structural Work & Demolition


The construction team at Lahav Group has experience in project management, demolition, administration, new construction, architectural, safety programs, and much more. Whether it’s taking down an unsafe structure to make way for a new building, or a new construction project, our team’s unique experience in everything from tear down to design gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

We are a full service residential interior demolition company based in Los Angeles. We handle all aspects of interior and some exterior demolition, as well as rubbish removal and waste removal services. Tell us what you need removed and our team will do it fast and efficiently.

Before undertaking any demolition, there are a number steps that must transpire, including:

  • getting necessary permits
  • removing hazardous materials
  • submitting any notifications required
  • disconnection of utilities
  • developing site-specific work plans and safety guidelines

Safety is of the utmost importance in demolishing buildings and structures, but you can count on us to do the demolition in Los Angeles the right way the first time. You’ll barely find any trace of what was in place beforehand, since we take the time to meticulously remove the debris and perform thorough cleanup.

Our LA demolition services cater to both small and large jobs, either for commercial or residential property owners. Lahav Group offers eco-friendly demolition services to keep your project energy efficient and sustainable. We fulfill your needs and are fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect your investment.

Structural Work

As part of our effort to go the extra mile to make our clients happy, Lahav Group has a professional engineering shop where everything is coordinated and communication is effortless.

We are at the forefront of a new generation of construction companies in Los Angeles that provide multi-disciplinary services. We also hold county and state certifications for obtaining work in the public/government sector and work together as a team on various design projects.

Our reputation for repairing serious structural defects that are the result of environmental factors, lack of maintenance or due to original design flaws is the reason we have been called upon by hundreds of property owners to repair structural damage from aging, storms, natural disasters or just from proper maintenance from previous owners. We can take a lagging structure and find the “good” among the bad characteristics to accentuate the positives. This is especially beneficial for historical registry projects and even in abandoned or foreclosed homes that have been transferred to a new owner. 

Whether tearing it down or building it fresh, our demolition and structural contractors have the skill to get it done swiftly. Call us today to start new! 855.524.2848 or contact us here.