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Beautify, protect and fortify your residence with stucco

Throughout greater Los Angeles, Lahav Group is a recognized industry leader in the design and construction of stucco and EIFS building cladding systems. Stucco is a maintenance-free, durable exterior finish that adds Stucco Service Los Angelesa classic look to any style of home.

Our fully licensed and registered stucco contractors provide a wide variety of stucco choices to both residential homeowners and businesses. These energy-efficient stucco systems are very flexible, crack resistant and available in a variety of plaster finishes; including the traditional 3-coat stucco, EIFS systems, newer acrylic finishes, and modern "green" products to hit the marketplace.

Stucco for residential properties implies both exterior and interior plasterwork. It is often a type of cement or plaster on the building’s external coating. The hard coat of stucco is a mix of cement, sand or lime blended with water in several coats and applied on frame or rough masonry structures.

Our high quality workmanship and expertise encompasses many of the following styles of stucco applications:

  • Traditional Cement Stucco System

Lahav Group applies stucco in three layers. First, a cement-like base layer is applied over your current home exterior. Then a second layer of color-infused material is applied, followed by an exterior layer that receives unique texturing to create the finished stucco look.

  • One-Coat-Stucco

This is a new type of stucco system greatly similar in features to traditional stucco, but it has several advantages. Endless design opportunities, water soluble, scalable, and versatile and a variety of finishes make both the premade colored stucco finishes and acrylic textured finishes or elastomeric paint coatings a great option.

  • Hard Coat Acrylic Stucco System

Builders have been using Hard Coat Stucco (HCS) for a long time. Its three-coat application is well known and Stucco Services Los Angeleslisted in Model Building Codes. The more modern (OCS) One-Coat Stuccos is thinner and requires evaluation reports that have been accepted by community officials. 

Our hard coat acrylic stucco system is designed to look like the EIFS foam board system, but without the foam. We begin by securing a galvanized lath wire to the base, using galvanized nails. Because they don’t rust, galvanized materials bring a long-term solution to the stucco job. We then apply a cement scratch coat followed by a cement brown coat. The final coat is smooth acrylic stucco, which is water-resistant. Multiple coats are then hand-troweled on the surface, resulting in a beautiful, maintenance-free exterior in the color of your choice!

  • Synthetic Stucco - EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System)

This decorative and protective finish system for exterior walls can be installed on any type of construction. It’s the only exterior wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colors, and textures.

Stucco offers a durable exterior siding solution that has been long used. EIFS is comprised of the acrylic coating applied over foam and basecoat and is the actual siding. Much like classic stucco, EIFS is different in that it uses a layer of insulation. It’s known as (VNT) or vertical notched trowel or (WMS) water-managed wall system.

The 3 layers are comprised of:

  • Durable foam insulation that is fastened to the block or sheathing.
  • A base coat of synthetic stucco is applied to the insulation.
  • Fiberglass mesh is then embedded into the base coat.
  • The last finish coat is a thin textured mix that can be colored and brushed over the base coat and mesh coats.
Whether your next stucco job is commercial or residential, big or small, simple or complex, we look forward to serving you. Contact us or call 855.524.2848 today!